Welcome to Junior Kindergarten at TCS!

Our Junior Kindergarten program focuses on early literacy and numeracy skills through a play based environment for 3 and 4 year olds. Students have the opportunity to socialize, create and explore in an age appropriate environment. 

Meet the Teacher


Mrs. Renschler


Mrs. Renschler has been teaching our Junior Kindergarten program for 5 years. She is passionate about early learnering and provides a loving and caring environment for all students in her classroom! 

What Parents Say

Theresetta’s Junior Kindergarten program has been so wonderful for our daughter. Mrs. Renschler is engaging and brings out the best in our child. Our daughter comes home so excited and full of stories about her day. We’ve noticed a major improvement in our daughter’s cognitive ability since starting the Junior Kindergarten Program. The class sizes are perfect for allowing a close relationship between teacher and students. Overall, we are extremely happy with choosing Theresetta for our JK needs.

---- Sarah Felzien




Theresetta is pleased to offer transportation to and from Busy Beaver Day Care!


          2 days a week ……………….. $325.00 a year (32.50 a Month)

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