School History

Over 100 Years of Catholic Education

Theresetta has a deep rooted history in the community of Castor, and has been providing quality education since October 1, 1913.

Theresetta originally began as Bethlehem Private School through the work of Father Lucien Leconte and the Daughters of Wisdom. Bethlehem Private School  opened October 1, 1913. The first classes of Bethlehem Private School were held in a vacated Lutheran Church.  

In 1916 with the arrival of Sister Marie-Aimee who had an Alberta teaching certificate, Father Leconte was able to apply for a separate school district. On December 10, 1917, Theresetta Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 23 was formed. Father Leconte had a special verneration for Therese Martin, a Carmelite nun, who died in Frace in 1897; so he named the school division Theresetta which means Little Theresa. 

In January 1918, Bethlehem Private School became a publicly supported school known as Theresetta No. 1. As the years passed, Theresetta continued to grow in numbers, and buildings were attached to original Lutheran Church. 

As student enrollment increased, the  Separate School District worked towards replacing their outdated school buildings. The District aquired land east of hospital, and began construction on a four-room school in 1949. Students were welcomed into this new school after Easter 1950. Futher growth at Theresetta saw the addition of a north wing in 1957 and a south wing in 1963. 

In 1990, Theresetta underwent interior and exterior renovations. These renovations were complete in September of 1991. 

1994 marked the end of the Theresetta Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 23, and Theresetta joined its current divison East Central Alberta Catholic Schools. 

 2009 saw the school undergo renovations again, with the addition of a new north-west wing with a brand new gym, along with the remaining school space being modernized. The schools modernization was complete by September 2010. 

Theresetta has seen many changes over the years, with its development from a one room school in an abandoned church, to the facility we have today. Though one thing that has not changed at Theresetta; the commitment to provide students with a quality education experince in a gospel-centered environment. 

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