Grade 9 Farewell

Every spring, to celebrate the accomplishments of our grade 9 class, we host a Grade 9 Farewell on the last day of our school year. The day entails a whole school mass in the morning, to celebrate the milestones that the grade 9 class has achieved during their time at Theresetta and pray for their continuing success as they embark on their new phase of life in high school. Family and friends of the grade 9 graduates join the students and staff for a lunch and some visiting before the afternoon ceremony starts. In Theresetta tradition, the Grade 9 Farewell Ceremony celebrates the class as a whole, and each student separately, as stories and memories of their time at TCS are shared. It is a wonderful way for the Theresetta community to send off the grade 9 class as they transition into high school and their next chapter of their education journey.
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