Theresetta Education Foundation

The Theresetta Education Foundation was formed in 1986 to help raise funds to help Theresetta with some of its operational expenses and to help keep Catholic education in Castor. T.E.F. is actively involved in Theresetta and through their fundraising the school has been able to enhance the school experience for all students.  Some projects that T.E.F. has been able to support are the purchase of sports uniforms, craft supplies, playground equipment, and school resources. 


If you would like to donate or become a member of T.E.F. please contact Stacey Erion by email at [email protected]


Theresetta Education Foundation Members:

Chair: Stacey Erion [email protected]

Vice: Tammy Renschler

Treasurer: Tanya Slemp

Secretary:  Pam Younger 



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